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Question About Bodies and Strange Invisable Body Isuue.Fixed

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My question is if we add our own female body should I delete the sexout - T6M from the list?   and the only issue I am having is it seems the older ladies bodies are missing,  most female NPC seem just fine there's only 2 that I have run across so far that have this issue and they both look like old ladies.


I posted a screen shot of one and the other one is at the front of the casino with her husband looking for revenge, only 2 noticed so far with having older age in common, that's why I say this is strange,


Here's what I have done on my own to trouble shoot the issue, turned on and off the random pregnancy body, not the problem, I got the lady in the screen shot to get it on with me thinking when she went nude that would tell me if its a mesh issue with clothing, she stayed invisible while we were getting it on, I followed the guide to the T on installing all the resources, checked and rechecked every thing on the required list,  if it was something effecting all female NPCs this would be easier to figure out but only effecting 2 out of 100 has got me stumped.


Other then the sexout T6N question if any of the experts could point me in the right direction to solve the issue I`m having I would greatly thank you for the help. I am not 100% sure if the issue is sexout related but its the only mod that has an effect on meshes and textures that I have installed so far. other then the one issue the game and every thing seems to be running just fine.


Can not figure out how to get load order copied and pasted in the thread, may need help there also. thanks.


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With many hours of looking into this issue I seem to have fixed this and just passing the information along to others that may be having the same problem.in most cases this issue is caused by a missing mesh, and knowing that was not my case is what made this something strange and I had never seen before with installing mods.   


I'm using the female body K2s Type 3 Body replacer bouncing BNB that requires thaumx's bouncing natural breast mod that comes with an esp file that caused this issue, as it dose not seem to get along with something sexout or the common resources has installed, so my recommendation is to delete the thaumx's esp file name ( Bouncing Natural Breast.esp )  that fixed my issue, I still got bounce and everything is working just fine now with out it, so my invisible body issue has been resolved.

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