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Flickering black area on the screen


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Well, i have a black, flickering area in the top right corner of my screen in Skyrim (Size: 160x140 Pixel). First i thought it would be a "side-effect" of using SKSE plus several mods, but when i accidentally started the Original Launcher without any Mods i still had this strange area ingame.


Does anyone know what this is and how i can remove this or change this? This black area is not always there, it appears like 5 times per second (i made 5 screenshots in a row and its visible only on one of them)




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I used to have this problem all the time on my game but I can't remember how I fixed it. I think it was to do with something running in the background which was trying to take priority over skyrim. Try closing all other windows.


EDIT: My problem was the desktop gadget that tells you your CPU speed, RAM usage etc. If you are using that then remove it and that should fix your problem. Hope I've helped

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