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m1 and m2 bindings no longer responsive

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This bug has only shown up after I installed SexLabs, so I assume it is caused by it. Bug only occurs after sex, but doesn't always occur. I can sometimes walk away fine, or somethings the bindings just don't work anymore. I can still click on stuff in menus and stuff, but outside of menus they don't work.


For clarification, if m1 is right hand and m2 is left hand, I cannot swing my swords. But if I bind e to right hand and q to left hand, I can swing again. And then if I bind sprint to m1, I cannot sprint. So its only the key bindings not working, not the actual command. I've tried loading old saves, waiting, reloading the area, but the only thing that fixes it is restarting the game.


Any help?


Edit: And nevermind. Restarting the game doesn't even fix it anymore.

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