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hello everyone.....I need some help please.....I have about 200 mods installed and game is actually running perfect except for in my upper left hand corner while I'm in game I keep getting this message and it won't stop


666772 effect start

666772 effect finish

666772 move down

666772 move up magnitude : 8. 000000

offset 0:000000


it just keeps repeating itself up in the left corner of screen while I'm playing? does anyone know what it's from and why it keeps running? any help would be greatly appreciated

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I just had this issue, googled it which brought me here, that made me look in the mcm menus; turns out its an easy fix, in the hdt config menu there is an option to display debug info, uncheck it and its gone.  I don't know how I turned it on though (i suspect an accidental key press and binding).  Just thought I'd pass it on in case anyone else turns up here after googling.

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