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How do I remove sperm on face?

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I am using LAPF recent version (1.4), supplemental plugins pack v1 and Sperm Splash Ex.

The setting about sperm display is off in Lovers PK (Sexual Exploits). There were only two options in Sperm Splash Ex. Always or Only when men involved. So I checked second one. And the timer setting is 45 sec.

But my character has always sperm on her face longer than 45 sec after having sex. How do I remove it?

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1. Why is this not in the technical support subsection?

2. Where is your load order and details about any external plugins you might use, as well as their versions?

3. You only mentioned it stayed on your character's head. Does that imply that the effect is applied to the entire model (head+body) then cleaned from the body only after 45 seconds? If not, explain.


If you think something is not working as advertised you have to provide some basic information or we can't help you.

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do not let your charcter do any blowjob   !!! :D          this is tamago discharge  esp  effect  from here / http://www.loverslab.com/topic/13723-tamago-discharge/


if you want to change duration you will need to go through cs and find the script responsable


it might be from lovers mb2  look for settings in game   or in ini files

   oups i think it is spermsplashex    !

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Swimming removes it, and some vendor i forgot sells toilet paper. Check tamago discharge readme.


If you don't want the effect at all (incl vagina), just remove the plugin.


If you only don't want it on face, then the only way is to learn oblivion scripting and edit the plugin scripts.

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