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Character freezes when weapon is unsheath while running


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So as the title says, my character freezes whenever his weapon is unsheath while running. I have many animation mods installed at the same time so i guess it's also my fault:




I also tried to generate FNIS many times and i tried deactivating most of them but it still freezes. Any help would be appreciated :)

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I have a similar problem because of the animations I downloaded. I can't dual wield bound swords. When I try, the game crashes every time. I'd say it's most definitely your animations. Maybe you have something that is incompatible with something else. My advise is to either seek an alternate mod, or get used to stopping before sheathing/unsheathing your weapon.

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Out of curiosity, do you use convinient horses? If so, i have experienced this issue with some mods along side convinient horses, the issue is not convinient horses however as i had initialy suspected, but for example, Bad wolf 2 available on here seems to cause this issue for me which returns to normal when i remove it, there were one or two sexlab ones that caused this too, though i do not recall which ones off hand, the point being, it may not nessicerily be a conflicting of your installed animations, it may be another mod as the issue was for me. On one occasion in order to remidy this, i deleted all horse related mods manualy incluiding in creature animations folder, then reinstalled convinient horses, this worked. ( I am guessing the right hand power strike is what freezes but left works and normal strikes work but seem to do no damage?).

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Seems the problem is the momo acrobatic jump. I tried to run FNIS and there is an available patch for it but it keeps detecting that it was not installed.


Edit: Welp, seems i really had to uninstall the acrobatic jump and that is what i did to fix the freezing bug. Anyway, thanks for the help guys.

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