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Removing armor glossiness


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I'm currently trying to remove the glow effect in darkness of an armor (currently silverlight armor). I understand that _g.nif files cause a glow effect in darkness for armors but the only one I've found for this armor is a glow that makes the gems on the armor shine, yet the metal of the armor shines too. This is the case even after I delete the _g.nif file. Anyone experienced with adding and removing armor gloss?

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Did you delete the glow texture itself, or did you also remove the reference to it in nifskope? For some reason, mine had them referenced separately, even though the game figures that out by itself due to the filename. You may also have to check the materialproperties, and set the emissive color to 0 if there is no glowmap for that part. Otherwise it will use full white as a default glowmap and the whole object will light up in the dark. Finally, if it's an environment reflection, rename the materialproperty from envmap2 to something else.

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I did delete the glow texture, I don't know how to remove the reference to it. I took your advice and set emissive to 0, but its still the same. And I can't find anything in materialproperty named envmap2. So now I'm stuck again.


Something else to note is that only the cuirass has materialproperty. The grieves only have textureproperty and the gloves and boots have neither.

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If you deleted the glow texture, it will pick a full white default for the glow, like I said, so emissive has to be 0.


Parts with no materialproperty sounds like it was exported wrong from blender. Is it the original mesh, or a resized one? Might be a bad file. Maybe a screenie of what it looks like may help spot the problem.

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