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alignment adjustment import failing

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As of loading skyrim onto a brand spanking new machine and loading the latest framework, exporting settings no longer save and/or load animation alignment adjustments.  Other settings are persisting fine across import/export across different saves.  Alignments, however are either not persisting or are being corrupted somehow (I do not know what alignments are considered default, but they definitely do not match adjustments I made).  Alignments are persisting across the same save, however.


Outside of something with the framework itself, the only things I imagine could cause this behavior from mod interference would be if something was screwing with the UI or if one or more optimization mods are screwing with memory in a way that's impacting saves.


Not so much asking for a solution here so much as to where I can do some testing to see if something is borked on my end.


If anyone can replicate this behavior and confirm, that'd be great.  If not, where is the alignment data being stored on export and what's the best way to open it up outside the game to see what's going on during the export process?


Edit: NVM, got it working after cleaning framework on both exporting and importing saves.  for what it's worth, that step didn't used to be necessary.  I'm not going to pretend to know what's going on in sausage factory of code for moving settings across saves, but it's behaving as if imported adjustments aren't overwriting existing adjustments.

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