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Wardrobe Manager

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I know others here use Wardrobe Manager 2.2. The closest to a problem I could find in the posts was someone with SL SE.


My issue is that Wardrobe Manager is redressing the managed npcs before a scene starts. This happens with any SL mod (Lovers Comfort, Defeat, Submit). If I suspend Wardrobe Manager in the MCM they undress or get undressed and redress properly.


When I used AFT SL overrode it's outfit manager.  It hasn't had any problem overriding Vilja or Anduniel's outfit managers.


I do have to commend the guy who wrote Wardrobe Manager it works very well and runs so fast there no perceptible time between changes. At first I though it was SL failing to trigger.


I have tried moving WM in the load order top to bottom and everything in between.


Is anybody currently using Wardrobe manager  successfully with Lover Comfort, Defeat, or Submit? If not is this the kind of thing that could be fixed with TES5Edit or similar. Other than cleaning the DLC I haven't delved to deep into that can of worms.



Thanks in advance.

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The author's notes indicate that it can be set via the custom settings to trigger on keywords, for example while in combat and while sleeping. Thing is, I have no idea how to get to choose the keywords. I've tried something basic, like having an inn category, and can select the inn keywords, but nothing kicks in.
Can't seem to find any sex related keywords.

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