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Manual Mod Install for dummies


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When you down load Mods 9/10 of them will have a ESP file a ESM or Maybe Even Both, those Files go to this folder

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\oblivion\Data


Meaning the Data (if you have the disc version it will be the same with the last 2 locations but those could be else where Just Search around til you find them, or normally right click on the icon when the games in)

when that's Sorted there's a Textures and Mesh's Part to it what do you is open the Meshes file then Drag and Drop All the Folders in meshes to Data then the Meshes folder, and if you dont have one go back and take the meshes folder with you, now with the textures there Will be one of those So Open the Textures Part of the Mod (you should Have it open on winrar 7zip or w.e else there is to Unzip files) and drag those files into the textures area inside the Data File


Now If all are placed Correctly when you load up the game and click on data files there ESP/ESM should be there, click it so its ticked and the Mod should run if installed correctly,


If you still have problems feel free to PM me and i will Take you through it step by step :-)



P.S elsewhere when i said i was going to post this it was 5-6 sentence's

i lied :D

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