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Positions with creature

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No these are the only things you can change in-game,


1234 90



1 move forward

2 move backward

3 move up

4 move down



9 move up

0 move down


If you need to move sideways, then the only place you fix this is within the ini.

I think lovers with pk rev 93 has more option but not sideways.

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i made some translation to ini so you will have to dig into them to see what every part of it does. Most people releasing those animations pack in japanese, but i tried to translate it to English, then got bored because there was just to many of them.


if you have http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=184 try and look for ini who are translated, there should be at least a few of them, then use that to figure out how to move animations sideways.


If you are still unsure go the site google translator and try and translate the ini yourself.

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Here the lines can change :

set xLoversPkrQuest.sposgroup to 100

set xLoversPkrQuest.xymov to 119.50

set xLoversPkrQuest.xaddz to -0.90

set xLoversPkrQuest.xzscale to 0

set xLoversPkrQuest.zaddz to 0.00

set xLoversPkrQuest.zzscale to 0

set xLoversPkrQuest.chinupo to 0




I test/change each line and it makes no difference in left / right position




thank you for help

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