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Ok, fixed the first problem, when sometimes appeared the Unable to Start message.


About the voices it should work fine, but I´m not sure as if there´s a call in that mod searching for the adultplay it won´t find it, then it should be modded to check for the right mod. Can give it a try though..


And remember, in this version creatures don´t stalk, as it seemed nonsense, now they only rape while in combat.

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you may want to place a warn for people using mods, like lovers prostitute, lover stupid npc, lover magic etc.. if the original esp like lovers rapers, joburg etc.. is not found, your game may not even start.


Unless you create a patch for those mods, this will make allot of others now break.. Also lovers creatures cannot work without lovers rapers active. So that mod cannot work either.


Too think of it, Crowning Isles cannot work either, also lovers bitch, and LPK Extender.


That is probably what the others above me are experiencing.

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Well, maybe it´s a conflict with those mods, after a clean install a crash never happened to me, but I´m playing without those mods...


As the mod is still Beta and in testing fase I would be gratefull if you can test it alone at this time.


The mods I´m using are: Lovers with Pk, Creatures, True Crime, Tamago and Hiyoko.

Apart from XEO, OOO, MMM, And a lot more not related with Lovers. With those ones I still dind´t find any conflict.


About the previous mods they may need a patch , because if they call to a plugin that is not active what the game loader does is to load it, then you´ll have both the Loversrapers or jouburg active with the loversadventurer at the same time.




So to start patching things first I need to know if anybody with a clean install ( I mean without the incompatible mods ) is experiencing any problems. Later I´ll start with the compatibility issues.


And thanks for all for helping me with this.

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A complete clean install is out of the question as it will take half a day just to load all my mods into OBMM so I tried the next best thing, I did a clean Lovers install.


Unchecked all lovers plugins, load the game, saved and restarted the game back but with only core lovers mods: LoversPK esm+esp, Lovers creatures esm+esp, both anim priority mods and Lovers Adventurer. I also had lovers sexual organs+scale but I dont think they should cause any conflicts.


Still the same problem: Regular rapes are fine, even gangrapes but as soon as a creature gets in it crashes right as the rape is about to end.


Idk is I did the clean install the right way so if anyone knows a better method I will be willing to try it. Im currently only using RaperS Gangbang edition and adult play plus so its easy for me to test this mod out since it dosent disrupt my game at all really. Hope this helps.

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Ok, tried it some times and never happens to me, even got gangraped by 11 goblins in a once, the 2 skeletons, 2 more goblins... No problem.


Checck load order: LoverswithPK, Creatures and then Loversadventurer and the others. Remember to disable previous loversrapers, jouburg and adultplay.


For the clean save only deactivation of loversrapers, jouburg and adultplay is needed, then save, then activate loversadventurer.


One question, is there someone else appart from me who doesn´t experience those problems ???

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I´m using lovers with PK rev .90 + loverscreatures + extension.


The strange thing is that the loversrapers that I´m using now compiled in the mod is more or less the same as the one released separatedly, and that problem wasn´t reported then...


Again, has anyone tried the mod without having any problem, that might help me to know what is causing the trouble...


Also, someone having the problem with loversadventurer, could try the last version of loversrapers gbang edition ? It could help me to know which part of the mod is causing the crash.

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Well i have been playing with loversrapers gbang edition for a little bit and i dont get any problems. Didn't get to try it to much maybe about 3 encounters with no crashes/freezes. Maybe someone else can confirm?


I did get that "not ready message" though I read that you can turn that off in LOVERS settings but i can't find it :(

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