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Waterfalls don't animate. What do?


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So yeah. I was browsing several water mods, installan, uninstallan, until i got OBGE working and then got the OBGE liquid water mod ( which is excellent )


Now, however, waterfalls don't seem to animate anymore. I've tried updating archive invalidation, BSA patching and all that stuff but it doesn't seem to work.


I'm going to keep trouble shooting this until i get my waterfalls working.... Bound to be some rogue gimped texture file in there somewhere.

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Try to remove landscapewater_N.dds' date=' landscapewaterfoam_N.dds, landscapewaterparticles01_N.dds and landscapewaterparticles02_N.dds

from your Oblivon\Data\Textures\Landscape\ directory. If you have them of course.



That did the trick! Thanks a ton. I've had this problem for months.

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