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GetAmped2 Review 26-01-2014

Ark of Truth

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Special note: This is the 1st year anniversary of this review and as such it has been rewritten :)



Disclaimer: Subject to changes in the future.

Game Name: GetAmped 2
Developer: CyberStep, Inc
Publisher: CyberStep, Inc
Genre: Multiplayer Brawler Game.
Age Rating: PG
Number of servers: 4  - North America, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan
Player base: Moderate
Distribution Media: Downloadable Client




----- Introduction to the game -------------------------------------------


GetAmped 2 is a Free to Play massively multiplayer online brawler game created and published by CyberStep Inc. Originally released in Japan on 6th November 2008 it is the sequel to GetAmped, or Splash Fighters as it is known in North America. The game features a main story line as well as side missions. The North America server hosts a variety of events from 64-Players battle tournament to design contest for accessories and furniture, the winner of the contest is add in game.


The game has 3 game modes: Tournament, Guardian and Street Fight. Tournament mode allows players to fight 1 on 1 or in a room with a maximum of 8 players. Any number of players can be used to start a deathmatch while 4 players minimum is needed to start a team deathmatch. Both teams need a equal number of players in order for a the team deathmatch to begin.


The Guardian mode places a group of players up to 4 against a series of NPCs which will attempt to defeat the group of players before they get to the end of the map. Most story line missions if not all require you to complete a guardian mode missions in order to progress through the mission and reach the end. 


Street Fight mode is a battle royale of up to 20 players at one time. There are 3 stages and no time limit, players get reward depending on how well they did in the battle. Players can enter and leave the street fight mode at will unlike the other 2 modes.


Players can choose from multiple accessories and styles which can be used in combat against other players as well as NPCs. Each style and accessory will greatly affect the abilities of the players using them, some styles and accessories focus on defense while others focus on a more offensive role to cause massive damage to opponents.




----- Graphics -------------------------------------------


This game is based around the Manga look. You can see screenshots at the bottom of this post. The graphics are pretty simple for this game and surprisingly nice to look at. Apart from that there is not a lot more to say.



----- Customisation ----------------------


GetAmped 2 features an editor which can be used to edit the appearance of the players skin and avatar. The entire form of the avatar can be changed to allow you to design a avatar which looks like Lighting from Final Fantasy XIII, Eren from Attack on Titan to Bugs Bunny. Players can also change and edit the appearance of their My Room.


Players can use the KDJ-Plus which can be brought in the Prime Market. This tool allows players to create and share their own music.



----- Communication ----------------------


Players can use animated emotions which, when used, are visible to other players. These emotions can be attached to F1-F8 on the keyboard, each key will allow a emotion to be set as well as a comment. For example you can have it set so when you press F1 your character pulls out a bunch of flowers and say "These are for you".


There is also a in-game mail system which delivers mail almost instantly in most cases and a chat function. The chat function has 4 settings: Local, Area, Guild and Friend. Players can form guilds and parties. Guild members have access to the guild bulletin board in which they can create threads to discuss topics of interest.



----- Good and Bad Points ----------------------


Good Points


- Good for passing free time.

- Over 150 accessories have been re-balanced.
- Good to play with friends.
- Can be used to settle arguments with people.

- The accessories are only as good as the users using them.
- Supports gamepads!


- Manga based characters
- Female styles seems to have higher stats then their male counterpart. (such as female ninja)
- Most accessories are purchased in-game for real money, however they do not guarantee you victory.

- Some classes can only be played if your pay real money for them, however these are some of the hardest to master.


Bad Points

- There seems to be no way to private message players without them being on your friends list.
- You cannot add a player as a friend unless they are standing near you so you can click on them and select friend invite.
- Only 2 screen resolutions are supported. You can only choose from 800x600 or 1024x768.



----- Videos and Screenshots ----------------------




post-18545-0-93589100-1390761202_thumb.jpgpost-18545-0-82583500-1390761205_thumb.jpgpost-18545-0-22460800-1390761214_thumb.jpgpost-18545-0-54730900-1390761231_thumb.jpgpost-18545-0-84773500-1390761245_thumb.jpgpost-18545-0-72804000-1390761255_thumb.jpgpost-18545-0-40127200-1390761265_thumb.jpgpost-18545-0-24231100-1390761275_thumb.jpgpost-18545-0-07719000-1390761282_thumb.jpgpost-18545-0-67016400-1390761287_thumb.jpgpost-18545-0-38350600-1390761456_thumb.jpgpost-18545-0-70746800-1390761459_thumb.jpgpost-18545-0-25125900-1390761464_thumb.jpgpost-18545-0-92815700-1390761470_thumb.jpg post-18545-0-31900400-1390761749_thumb.png post-18545-0-66582300-1394382212_thumb.jpgpost-18545-0-57578800-1394382215_thumb.jpgpost-18545-0-19908200-1394382218_thumb.jpgpost-18545-0-77799800-1394382220_thumb.jpgpost-18545-0-96684700-1394382222_thumb.jpgpost-18545-0-35477100-1394382226_thumb.jpg


----- Download ----------------------


GetAmped 2 can be downloaded from one of these locations depending on where you live.


GetAmped 2 North America

GetAmped 2 Europe

GetAmped 2 Brazil

GetAmped 2 Japan

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