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Noob modder's project


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So I've had New Vegas for a few weeks now and was checking out some of the weapons mods out there, downloaded the ones I liked and while waiting for them to finish this idea hit. I should make (or maybe rip since I'm just copying their looks) the weapons from the Armored Core series! Problem is that I don't know what I'll need to create them, other than a 3d modeler I think. Before I go on a download frenzy and get a bunch of programs that I think I'll need (and most likely setting myself up for failure) I thought I'd come here and ask what exactly I need to start this adventure :)

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Well you will need this.




and tutorials.










Don't be fooled by oblivion this works for new vegas and fallout 3 too. you won't be installing it since it is already pre-made witch will make the beginning easier.


Well that should get you started.. Get to it.. :D

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