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Converting a PDF to a PowerPoint


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So, lately, I've been taking a Physics course. The prof seems to be fond of publishing her PowerPoint slides to PDF (with one slide on each "page"; I don't know what I'd call it). Despite a good part of the class requesting 3-slide handouts (it's the format where you've got three slides oriented vertically on the left and some lines on the right side of each slide to take notes), she doesn't seem to want to change. Anyway, I'm pretty set in my ways, and I can't stand my notes like that, so I've been converting them to PowerPoints and then creating those 3-slide handouts (and posting the files online for my class; don't even get me started on how ungrateful those pricks are). Since it is Physics, and the slides contain formulas and such, online PDF to PowerPoint converters have been having issues staying 100% true to the original content. I've just been using the Snipping Tool to snip each of the slides from my prof's PDF, and then I drag those JPEGs into MS PowerPoint and create the PowerPoint from there. Of course, this takes some time, and it's definitely eating into my Skyrim time, so that sucks! Is there any way to print the slides from the PDF directly as a JPEG, thereby cutting out 50% of the process? Any help is appreciated (unlike my classmates; the only comment I've received has been "Those are two PDF files!", when I was too tired to pay enough attention to what I was posting :@ ). Sorry for the ranting.

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OK, found it. I use open office 4.0 + http://extensions.openoffice.org/en/node/17351 (PDF import extension). That imports the file into Open Office Draw, which doesn't really matter. The important part of this is there is a list of slides on the left. Right click the first slide and add New Page, this inserts a nice blank slide. Add lines or whatever you want to this page. Rclick again and choose copy. Rclick the space in between the next two slides, click paste. Rinse repeat in between every slide. I can get through 100+ page powerpoint pages in about a minute doing this.


Next choose print->format 6 slides per page (it should have an option to arrange order of how the slides are arranged on the page), and Ta-Da! You have 3 slides and 3 with lines for notes per page. Print and smugly show fancy-'powerpoint' note pages to classmates.

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