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you won't find my nick there, i used to be there few years ago, but the trolls attacking others there got pretty bad and tired some after while. Flame wars are pretty common on bethforum, after been dragged into few of them i just deleted my account.


Moderators there take sides, even though they should remain neutral at all times.


As for my nick the only place you would find it, either on Wolflore, or here. I used to be on TESRevolution too before it went off-line completely. Other site i hardly visit now.

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Guest GingerTom

I'm 'over there'--with the same nic.


I put up a tiny, little, nothing mod that has over 2300 downloads and refused to join their modders forum when it opened.


So you know what I think. :P



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I use this nic for any site that I intend to contribute to, with the exception of two sites that I am unable to decide on whether or not to stick around.


DeviantArt ~ where I started an account showing off screenshots in an effort to promote this site the account is still active and maintained but its a bit to late to be changing the user name.


futanaripalace ~ because I was for a while interested in creating content for the game slave maker. I gave up on that after discovering that the people on those forums are fucking panzies who would piss themselves crying in there sleep if I created the mods I was thinking of. So there is nothing truly lost in not using my nic there.

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