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Having issue with a mod I am making getting CTD's in skyrim


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Okay I am about 120 hours of work in on a mod I am making. So I don't want to have to start from scratch or anything so I figured I would ask here if someone know a solution.


When I enter the main building in my mod everything is fine. I can go any were and look anywhere and all is well. Now When the BGM start (it takes it a min or 2 to start) I can no longer go to the kitchen area or look through the door to that area without a CTD. It is only when the game has started to play the BGM that I have set to the first "Tavern" on the list in the ck. 


At first I though it was a static item i placed. So I started to remove stuff little by little. It was when I made a new game to test that I found it was linked to the BGM.


Any thought's? I am stumped at this, and this is my first time making a mod (More then just editing a cell).

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