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has anyone tried doing bones for vigina ?


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Yeah, but they are still rare.

Of course it doesn't actually matter what they are called. I've weighted penis's to vagina's! It's whether there are keyframes that use them and meshes that are weighted to them. They are quite rare.



Thinking about it, if you use a body with separate meshes for the genitals, then cycle morphs on the Clitoris, etc would be a good way to go, and not require keyframes.

Morphs on the penis might well work well also.

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has anyone tried doing bones for vigina ?

or a lower body mesh with a visible vaginal wall



Yes. Me. Have a look at these threads:







morphing animation would really be the best way to go, but I never got them to work, and went back to bones as an "it does the job" solution. I'll have to check up on Koniption's old notes and see if I can work it out.



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Thanks D. That's really useful . I've got to get into FO3/NV. There are significant diffs, I think, with Oblivion, but it seems to be a bridge into Skyrim.



Can you tut on how you got the morph to work on the penis in game? That would be great.

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Well, that worked very well.

Took one of the female lower bodies with multiple parts, and added a gentle throb to:-

Clit, hood and labia minora. Works a treat, if perhaps a little subtle to notice in game most of the time. Still, could be made less subtle.


Edit: added Koniption's tutorial as a txt file.


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Thanks Symon,


Just what the doctor ordered. The original site that Koniption was working on seems to have bitten the dust so this is a nice bit of salvage.


It would be really nice to see your work. How about a still sequence? - gif perhaps? (I use unFREEz) to give an idea of the effects you can get, or if you can get a blender animation working, I found HyperCam2 would capture a custom window as an .avi - you can get about seven secs for 500k. Both unFREEz and HyperCam2 are freeware (so a bit clumsy and restricted) but perfectly adequate for little jobs like this.


(BTW anyone got any bright ideas for gameplay capture using freeware)



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