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Fallout 3 Sexus Q


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I understand how to use vats and the sexus "weapon" but when I do the flying grapple no animation plays both just stand and cry kinda funny, but not as intended I'm sure. Am i using a old version of sexus or new?

I know the fool at the vault doesn't sell any weapons.


when the perk is added to attack someone in there sleep via dialog that works but animations are off


Checked the loda site for updated Sexus but all the uploaded files dont exist from what it says.



I realize this game and this mod are old. but Sexout and Lovers Spoiled me. (cant wait for Skyrim equivalent)


Any help is always appreciated X

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@jkllkj I think that that is the old version where you had to VATS 5 victims before unlocking extra stuff. The books were distributed around - e.g. Dukhov's pad.


In the newer version each book in your inventory gives you a percentile chance of initiating a special animation. You just have to have them in your inventory.


@xzios Sounds like you need a reinstall as the idles are screwed up. Ordinary clean saving might do the trick, but FO3 is much more stubborn about cleaning out stuff than Oblivion. I strip out dodgy stuff by using FOMM to deselect non-masters and unwanted masters then using FO3Edit's FO3MasterUpdate. That seems to purge the system.

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