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Empty the left Hand


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Does anybody know a mod which allows to empty the left hand by keystroke?




I prefer to play with one-handed swords (block without a shield). So my left hand needs to be empty to do this. Sometimes of course I get hurt and need to heal. So I press a numberkey as I have made the healing spell a favourite. So my left hand gets the spell and I can heal myself. Then I need my left hand to be empty for fighting so I have to:


- Open my favourites 'q'

- Search my entry, point at it with the mouse cursor and klick it with 'E' until it is not assigned to a hand anymore

- Close the favourits and go on fighting.


It is probably pretty easy to make a mod which empties the hand.


Something like

1. Check for Keystroke

2. Check what is equipled in left hand (GetRef)

3. Unequip what is in the left hand


I tried to check out Script Dragon but could not find a command reference. I read scripts are mostly in C++ and I found a short script that looked like a mixture of C++ and the old Script-commands of Oblivion.


So. If you know a mod that does the described or if you know a detailed refernce to Script Dragon please let me know.


Thx in advance.




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I've been looking for something like this since day one' date=' never got any luck. Best fix for the time being is to just have a shield hotkeyed; tap the key twice and the hand will empty.



I tried this with a hide shield. Nice workaround. Thx for the tip. This will do until the creation kit comes out and skse can be used to script something.


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I've got the same problem with my monk. It's nice that when I unequip my bow, my last used magic comes back up. But it'd also be nice if I could hotkey "empty hand" so that I can put the magic away and start punching people again without having to go through the menu.

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