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Looking for a few mods & help: weight and armor to match


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So I'm new to modding with Skyrim, but after the last week with it, wow it's been a lot of fun :D


I've got a fair bit of mods so far and obviously the base ones (FNIS, SKSE), but I'm looking for a few more and could also use some help:


1A. I'm looking for a mod that lets me adjust weight to a, well, larger scale than what is allowed. Everyone's either so skinny or so muscular that it's not exactly realistic (nor tends to my particular tastes...), so I'd like to add some meat on the bones of most NPCs (and even moreso, creatures, if that happens to exist! :)). I'd also like to add that I'm interested in changing males than females (though an option for both would work fine, as long as it works for males, I'm happy)


1B. I'm also looking for some form of mod that would be compatible with the one above to re-fit armor/clothes of "fattyfied" NPCs, if that exists.


2. Also, three small issues that maybe someone could help me with: First, Argonians and Khajiits have two penises; one from SOS and another from a creature mod that gives creatures (and Argonians/Khajiits) penises. I'm looking for a way to disable the SOS one but only from Argonians and Khajiits. I've used the mod menu for SOS and turned off all the types for the two races, but my character still has both, and it's just really weird.


3. Second, is there a way to "remove" an Argonian/Khajiit tail during scenes? SexLab seemed to have a "unequip tail" option, which I tried, but it failed to work.


4. And finally to anyone who knows the "Random Sex" mod well, whenever I turn a category (either NPCs or Creatures) to 0%, they will still randomly sex me or an NPC up (e.g., 0% NPC and 50% Creature still results in NPCs engaging in sex). Any way to fix that?


Sorry if I'm asking for a lot in a thread, and a big thank you for reading this :)




1A. Looking for a weight editor mod, particularly for making males fatter (don't care if the mod works for females or not)

1B. A mod that fits armor on fatty NPCs caused by 1A.

2. Argonians and Khajiits have two penises from a beast penises mod and SOS. How do I fully disable SOS for those two races so only their 'beastly' penises show? (In game menu fails to work)

3. Is there a way to disable Argonian and Khajiit tails during scenes? SexLab's function to "unequip" tails doesn't work.

4. RandomSex will still cause NPCs and/or Creatures to engage in random sex even when the % chance is set to 0%. How do I fix this?

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