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Oblivion CTD during NPC/player casting shock spell


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The CTD happen after 4 to 5 shock spell been casted (during/non combat)(with lover mods) but when I disable them, the game just run fine without CTD for 6 hour. When I activate the lover mods the same thing happen. I wonder if I the load order(with BOSS) or something missing from the list. But I suspect the problem come from CODEC in my desktop and laptop.


P.S the current solution is to COC out from the combat before the 4th shock spell and return later

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Not sure if it's at all related to your problem, but as far as I know, most of the lovers mods should be loaded before lovers with PK.esp. Notable exception is loversMB2, which I have loaded just before idleanims/objectspriority plugins.


If the problem goes away when disabling all lovers mods, then maybe you can be more selective and disable them one at a time, to figure out which one is apparently causing trouble. Or the other way around, start with just the base package and add the rest back in one by one.

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