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helmet visibility question (posted this on nexus too)


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Hi im wondering if anyone knows how/can help with this. Is there a way, using tessnip, to change a property of a helmet such that when you put it on your entire head disappears, not just the back of your head.


Specifically I want to change my dragonscale helmet into my head mesh from oblivion, and have the game hide my head when i put it on. I have already done this with the wooden mask as it is a dragon priest helmet and it hides your head by default, but it has bad stats/no enchants (don want any of the other dragon masks either :X), so im hoping someone knows how to do this, tx.


im thinking that since the dragon priest masks already does what i want to do, there is a property somewhere that specifies this, and if i change this property on dragonscale helmet then i can achieve this.


currently if i have my helmet on (I have a mod that hides my helmets):



I want it changed into this:



tx for read/help


ive looked at the mod that hid my helmets and will conclude that the BODT section under the item in tessnip controls the visibility of helmets, but am having no luck getting the head to disappear while retaining the helmet mesh.

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i've also been doing some similar work. here is some advice.


in order to hide the head when put on the helmet, you can change the BODT in the ARMO dragonscale helmet from 02 10... to 03 10...

sorry i don't know how to post a photo here from my harddisk, otherwise i can show you the effect of this modification.

BTW, if the first number of BODT is 00(for example 00 04...for circlets), that means the head will completely remain.


hope this will help you.:)

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