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Idea for a mod >:3

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Hello to all modders in loverslab.. God knows i like this site for the great mods.. I was just wondering if there is a Mod in progress that takes the Roleplaying in skyrim in to a whole new level.. I'm Talking about being a serial rapist in Skyrim >:3. I made a new game and when i hit lvl 15 i was like. " im bored.. Then suddenly an idea came to mind.. How about i go into a house and just rape the living shit out of the female NPC living in it > :D needless to say The NPC hated my guts after that xD


But i felt like the Rape mods in loverslab was missing something.. I would really like to see a mod where There is some Netorare elements mix in. and like after some time if you keep raping the same NPC. That npc starts being slutty. and whenever she sees you she be like. "Um a.. Can. can I see you tonight?" Then after awhile. The npc would came up to you and say. " Im pregnant you bastard.. What are you going to do about dis(without the actual spawning of new child NPC ofcores. Just the dialogue.) Then you be owing child support xD or maybe get a shut gun marriage. cuz the bitch will put a huge ass bounty on your head.. xD and send assassins and thugs every seconds in game xD


or if you play your cards right be the most famous serial rapist in all of tamriel xD


Just an idea really.. I have no idea how to mod or do scripts.. but would love it if someone would get a boner and make a mad just to satisfy that boner. xD

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