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OBGE installation guide for nubs? (Am I missing something here?)


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Well, I have Wyre Bash installed. In fact, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it to the current oblivion directory I'm using for testing... I'm trying to put in OBGE v3 and am following the lovely directions it gives:

It is recommended that you use Wrye Bash's BAIN to install the OBGEv3 Core package as its resource tracking features make it far easier to uninstall if you ever need to. You can also create an OMOD from it, although no OMOD Conversion Data is supplied. The instructions for installing OBGEv3 Core are as follows:


Using BAIN:

Drag 'n' drop the OBGEv3 Core archive you downloaded into your Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers\ folder.

Launch Wrye Bash and click on the Installers tab. Once it has finished scanning your folders, continue to the next step.

Right-click the OBGEv3 Core archive in your package list. Select the "Install" option. A warning will appear regarding the OBGEv3.dll, allow it to be installed.


So, I dumped the .7z archive into the folder as it said to do (tried both extracted and non-extracted), run Wyre BASH, and it says I have one corrupt save and has my "Natural" environment mods highlighted in red. I ignore this. I follow the directions, click on the installers tab and nothing happens. At all. I quintuple check to see I have the archive in the right folder (is it in the wrong format?) It's there. Nothing is showing up under the installers tab. no searching is happening...


so... the directions for installation are fail or I'm doing something wrong. Thoughts? Suggestions? I'm new to Wyre Bash... only started making a real effort to Mod oblivion a week and a half ago (I'm amazed Greg hasn't given me shit for my nub questions :P)



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