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In case you don't know what this is about. I think maybe I better give you guys and gals some information. I know better than to throw a link and no explanation but I was caught up in the moment :)


I been using this awesome SexLab Framework for awhile. I downloaded 1.24 and was using the console for TFC. I learned from experience over a couple days that if the TFC was active after dressing the player then the game would crash on zoning out, It would also disable controls for interacting (E key) and combat (right and left mouse button) so as long as player camera returned before dressing there was absolutely no problems.


So along came SexLab 1.3 Now if the auto TFC was used there was no issues but the reset was right on the orgasm which I really didn't like. If you toggled freefly after the orgasm animation there was no issues unless it toggled back. However, facial animations don't work in TFC mode BUT, SexLab isn't the cause of this. If you use TFC and try to draw a weapon you will see for yourself and understand that a free fly camera will not reference the player and no weapon will be drawn.


After 1.31 came out if I toggled free fly camera manually and it reset at the orgasm then all controls were disabled and the only fix was to save and completely exit the game. The console commands won't even reset the problem and zoning into a new area would crash the game to desktop.


I started searching for a mod that would work and came across this Customizable Camera mod. I made a demo and posted it. One viewer said it was a bit clumsy (I agreed and being a programmer decided to find a answer)


The result is this mod.


Use it if you want to get past the issues.

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