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Any bondageanimations detected in Skyrim?


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Yeah when you finish the dark brotherhood questline you are given a torture chamber that has 4 people chained up in it. sadly all you can do is talk to them and attack them.


Well if you attack them enough they eventually give up locations to caches of money hidden around skyrim. Would've been better if you could do something more than just punch them with your fists though. Like putting them on a rack, in one of those cages over a pit of fire, or maybe something like the torture scene from Reservoir Dogs.


I'm not even into torture, I just think that if you give us a torture chamber you might as well be able to use it properly.

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@Presto: I totally agree on that while not being into torture aswell. Would be cool to rescue a babe that's being tortured. Bondage would be great for that aswell.


At the very least there should have been instances where you come across someone in peril and you need to make the decision to either save them, ignore them, or curse them to their fate. I think there was a moment in Oblivion where you find a guard trapped in a cage at the top of a tower in the Oblivion realm and you were able to open the cage and let him fall to his death. All we get here is some dead people or other just sitting around in a jail cell.


I'd love to come across a room to find someone laid out on a rack with a few torturers surrounding them. Once you kill the others you're left with him there thanking you and begging you to release him. Imagine the feeling of being able to just leave him there or better yet continue the torture to get information out of him (and by torture I don't mean more punching).


I even found a body of a dead alchemist hanging in a cage off the side of a fort once. I couldn't reach him from the ground or from the top of the keep so I actually had to jump down from the top and click on him to access his inventory as I fell past him. Imagine if instead the cages were set up like the fire pots and you could just shoot him down with an arrow a well placed sword swipe as you fell past. It would open up the option of saving people in awkward predicaments or even let you play it evil if the fall killed them and left you to steal their equipment. So many roleplaying and sand box possibilities there.

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