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Dragonborn: The Fallen Greybeards (Dragon Overhaul Mod)


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Howdy all, been a long time fan of the work done by the LoversLab crew for Oblivion since before WolfLore shut down. Anyway, seeing all the modding talent here I thought I should post my project here to recruit some peeps.


I already have quite a few on my team and was curious if anyone here would like to work on the team too. Currently most of the team is lazily waiting for the CK to come out before working even though I gave them all the green light to start working on story writing, storyboarding, concept art, meshes, and textures.


This mod has two main goals in mind: To overhaul dragons and their entire infrastructure for more immersion and to rewrite the outcome of the main storyline for more variability on what the player wants to do. This is, mind you, potentially a much larger mod than CLS for Oblivion (although lacking the adult themes) which was actually my inspiration for getting a team together for Skyrim.


If you're interested on what is here, click on the image below to go to the mod's nexus thread for a vague summary. For those who hate the Nexus: Just click the icon and click on the forum button - it'll put you at our Sourceforge forum.



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