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Female naked body mesh breast issues

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I recently downloaded a bare bones assortment of the sexout mods, Spectrums toys, smallertalk the mod that will actually trigger sex animations.

but none of that is the cause of the problem.  

I am running with Sexout Common Resources (the latest)

I am running with SexoutNG core and data. Core version 2.6.81 data version is 2.6.80

I am running with BnB BodyExtender Compatibility Skeleton 1_2-45229-1-20 Version: 1.0

(I am pretty sure they are the latest versions, I could be a blind moron)


The female body texture that came with SexoutNG Core and Data files I have no other body textures, I am working SOLELY with the ones provided by the Sexout frameworks that SexoutNG gave me.  I followed the instructions to the letter, made sure I had all the requirements for Sexout's framework and to get the actual mods to work,  it's not that animations don't work,  I am not a giant red and white ! floating in midair or anything like that.  My problem that I cannot seem to fix no matter how many times I restart the game and redo SexoutNG  the breasts themselves are sinking so far down and stretching so far they punch through the floor and go on for eternity while managing to stay on my character.  This brings an entirely new definition to "saggy tits"


My load order is next (feel free to berate me for any idiocy you may witness, I am extremely new to this to the point I am probably a lost cause)


My current load order. could this be causing conflicts? I don't know what load order I should have put these in, the load orders I saw did not include half of these current mods.  The top three I know are correct at least.


The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
st.esp  (Spectrums Sextoys)
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"Eternal" Breasts is usualy a skeleton issue.

Are you realy using this:


I would try to install the skeleton again.


I am using that exact skeleton and it's latest version, I just reinstalled it and I am having the same problem as before..

I followed the instructions of the 

Sexout FAQ - Read this to get started

and the

SexoutNG Framework - Installation Guide for Beginners

I followed each to the dang letter. and I made double sure the mods given didn't compete or anything, I am pretty sure I installed everything okay..  Except for MCM also, that is also giving me problems saying it can't initialize but that is off topic right now.


I put extracted the data of the skeleton into a folder like specified, I opened FOMM I went into package Manager I clicked create from then I clicked create from folder, clicked the folder and let it work, then I enabled it. all as specified.

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