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bestiality animation problems

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HI all, i have 2 problem with bestiality animationhttp://www.loverslab.com/topic/19526-bestiality-animations-post-your-suggestions/, first problem draurgs animations wont work they stay blocked in T-pose, the second problem is with the eternal black immersive bodies,which one is better to install? no dlc version?,beta?. or the big one of 100 mb?, howewer i had problem with all the version, and  the problem is creature dicks wont appear expecially with dragons and horses, please someone can help me?


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same for me, think i have overwritten the draugr skelleton with one from immersiv creatures or somthing like that. cant remember whher i got the original.


ethernal black is a mirakel for me to i got it one time to work so i think it depends on the loadorder but cant remember the version that has worked for me.

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