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SOS Npc problem...


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Heya ^^ !

I have fully reinstall skyrim and now i installed some mods. Of course it is sexlab and schlongs of skyrim full version. When i hadn't installed npc mod like inconsequential (fuck... difficult word in my language xd) npc, it all worked good. Npcs had their schlongs in good size, it worked fine etc... But now, ahh, thats teribble... Some of npc from mod have "good" schlong, and some have the littiest schlongs, that mod say it can be. Ok mod can don't work well for example, but i say that some ORIGINALL guards have that same problem how npc from mod... Some originall npc from skyrim have the same problem. I am playing from the beggining and i'm on the first level so it can be maybe that reason ;). Or that's problem with load order. I didn't know what is it, but i please you for a help, thanks :)

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Well.. from what I am understanding that you are indicating about your problem? SOS generates the penises at different sizes automatically. If you want everyone to be on the bigger side you can use the schlong booster and pump it up. I generally put mine at 120% and perhaps that will help with your issue yes? :)


I hope that helps. :)



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I use 160 % and for example, one guard have big (sos work on him ) and next guard next to previous, havebthe littest which can be... I ma working on it but for now i'm using better males favorite something? I simply edit malebody_0 and _1 in nifskope how i want it to work. But thanks for help ;)

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