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[Req]Elewin Stockings Racemenu Overlay


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The Title says it all.

A conversation from the stockings of Elewin Pumps to an Overlay Racemenu Plugin.

I was able to export the .dds from elewin and the .dds from pantyhose racemenu UNP.

What i tried:

Opened the femalebody_1.dds, overlayed the pantyhose.dds, cut out a piece of elewin.dds, fit it in, deleted pantyhose.dds & femalebody_1.dds

Problem is, i get really confused by getting the Layer i created into alphachannel. Also don't know really what to do with _n.dds/_s.dds.

Would be glad if someone could do it for me or explain for dummies.


Btw. using CBBE Bodyslide texture from my data folder. Anythin to mind because of pantyhose racemenu UNP?

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