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I am sure many have already notcie this..

Guest Donkey

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But lovers lab is very slow and times out allot.

Then i saw pattern..

337 users active in the past 15 minutes (182 members, 23 of whom are invisible, and 151 guests).


It always seem to happen when more then 100 guests seem to clogging up the forum.. Any chance you can block view for certain part of the forums ??

Right now guest can view just as much as anyone logged on maybe they should only be able to view hello thread.. :P All else should be hidden.



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General and non adult section, can still be viewable, but all adult section, should at least be hidden till logged on. At least that is like this everywhere. Right now if you post a link, guest can just leach from it, that is why i make everything either attachments, so stuff don't get leeched much.


Only those logged on can view content directly.

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