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Build-Your-Own-Fantasy (Construction Help Thread)

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Correct me if a thread like this has been made elsewhere, but I would like to see a place where you could describe what you WANT to see in your game, and you could get help in which mods you would probably want in your game.  It could also be a general "Put these mods in for this type of experience" thread.


Even if this thread doesn't become one like that, I'd love to get some assistance with my own matter as an example:  I want a general evil overlord harem, the dream picture being a dark citadel or castle or what have you full of stereotypical slaves ranging from the common fodder buxom black elf to the cat-and-lizard female variety (with more appealing models than the kind Oblivion's creators provided).  Of course, I want to incorporate pregnancy and monster sex, or rather "impromptu inter-species relations" to occur.


What sort of mods would make all of that possible?


Yeah, part of the fun is going out there and looking for the right mods, but if someone already knows what you're looking for and is willing to drop a hint or two, I think it'd help streamline the process.  That, and it could be like a take-a-penny, leave-a-penny where you give help and then ask for some in the process.

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There are tons....and I mean TONS...of body mods (mostly styled by the name HGEC) that fit any of the races that would work fine for your idea. If you're looking for some impromptu monster rape I'd start with the mod "Estrus" but if you pick up the "Lovers Creature" mod you can summon monsters with a spell and depending on your rape settings they will rape you or anyone else in the area.

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You'll want a good castle mod with plenty of space for NPCs to move around, eat and sleep (because having them just stand in one place all day is boring). Hoarfrost Castle is a good choice, but you'll have to redecorate it a bit to make it "evil". Necromancer's Tower is good, but may not have the best path grids for companions. Tantrivaylia is first rate, and already full of NPCs for your harem and a lore friendly story to justify it.


You'll need mods to enslave NPCs, dress them up as you'd like them, take them to your castle, and ideally give them a routine. This is slightly tougher. The Mad Companionship mod gives incredible control over an NPC, but isn't that immersive. LoversRaperS and LoversRapeSlave will let you "break" an NPC, and if you follow that with MC you can role play their enslavement well enough. There are a couple of Vampirism mods with the ability to turn NPCs into thralls; check out the thread on mods that interact well with lovers.


Many companion mods let you give your companion a schedule. If you're playing a "good" harem building tantric sex magician (my favorite), Tantrivaylia plus a bunch of the better companion mods and the Hentaimania 1&2 mods can let you fill a castle and village with your "brides" and servants, all of them living their own lives when you have no use for them. Slaves you've raped into service won't have schedules, but then that's why you have dungeons.

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