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Help me create my perfect mod collection please!:)


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So here's what I'm currently looking for. A map mod designed to improve FPS, preferably by turning it into an old school map variation. 

Any tips would be greatly appreciated:)


So far this is what my collection will look like.:


Grapichs - ENB realistic, medium sized textures, 90% total overhaul. Full HDT Higheel CBBE xpm32.

Combat - Duel: Combat realism, Defeat,

House - Luxury Bathing house.

Gameplay - Extended followers framework. Convenient horses.

NPC - Populated towns, cites, lands, roads, forts. (all the populated packs)

Quests/Follower - Maids 2 Deception

Sexi time - Sexlabframework, Sexlabromance, Adult show spells, SoS


Looking for input! :D What I'm trying to do is make the world sort of more like conan the barbarian. Would love to try and get sanguine debauchery into the mix, but I have never EVER gotten it to work in anything ;s (nb!have not tried it alone!)


Also interested in an alternative to intrusive HUD maybe, since it didn't really work as i hoped. Like you can't disable compass all together f.ex

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So first major incompatability discovered with this setup xD MAJOR LOL!


Basically, here's what I tried doing. I had just recived lydia as housecarl, I went over the luxury bathing house to gather two followers to tag along on the quest. As we are about to head out, I see a notification in top left corner. "Banned warlock wants to rape lydia"

I imediatly start rushing over to her aid, as the warlock is about to penetrate his death cock in her, as I hit him, Adult show XXX kicks inn and i start scicoring with one of the followers i brought with me. Then the warlock procedes to rape the other follower, and kill me while scicoring xP


The LOL part was each  time i loaded the save when I died in this way. I would get half-like flight hack, able to fly in what apperead to be rather skewed x and y axis. I could basically fly under the ground or really high up, but not really much free control.

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