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Creatures are not ready? Sex mod problems.


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My oblivion is heavily modded, yet in correct order so everything works and such. Its just that some mod/mods is disabling sex with creatures. When trying to do a sex spell it says that the monster is not ready. However lovers joburg is working perfectly.


Any idea what mod/mods that would make creatures not ready?

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I don't use lovers creature so I'm not sure how they are set up. I do however know that any NPC or creature which has the "Summonable" box checked in the CS, will not work with lovers. It will always come up with an "I was not ready" message. Most custom summonable creatures don't use the vanilla magic effect method of summoning, which is what I believe that checkbox is for, so they don't need it. Be aware however that changing it won't have any effect for your current game, as the state of the checkbox seems to be saved with your savegame. A clean save may remedy that.

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