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Imported Character Missing Race Effects


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What do you mean by imported to your character? What tools did you use to do that?


To get the abilities of a race onto your character, that character has to be of a race that has those powers assigned to them in the Construction Set.


If you are trying to make a custom race, and you are familiar with the Construction Set, you can open the list of races by opening the 'Character' menu on the top menu bar, then selecting 'Race...'. A race menu will open up. The first race in the list is usually 'Argonians' and in the 'General Data' tab there is a section on the right called 'Specials'. That is the list of abilities you are looking for.


To add abilities you drag them from the 'Object Window' from where they are located under Magic / Spell.


Hope that helps.


EDIT: OR... you can add the abilities to your char by typing the following into the in-game console:

"player.addspell AbRaceArgonianResistDisease"

"player.addspell AbRaceArgonianResistPoison"

"player.addspell AbRaceArgonianWaterBreathing"

...all without quotes.

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