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XPMS confuslz D:


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Ight peeps, so I recently had my final moments using UNP, before finally switching to 7Base Bombshell like I wanted to. I never really got on the BBP TBBP Animations groove, so I have no clue how the fack I Install XPMS lol. I got version 1.92 off Nexus, and like all big ass mods, it has no Instalation Manual <3 so anyone who can help me, or direct me to a guide, id love them to the point of fapping to a picture of their face.




Do I need all this bullshit? Or do I just need "00 Skeleton Rig" and the Fomod shit? IDK :L




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O man, Ruskii NMM or MO will save you so much precious game time. Most of those folders are for the different placement of errors ext.

Yeah I finally got NMM up and running, so happy with 7B than UNP <3 Love me dem thights 







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