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Swapping humanoid monster/player kf?


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So, is it possible to take animations from a custom monster I found and use them for the player animations? I found a humanoid with a really great magus-esque walk/run that'd be pefect...but would it even be compatible?

I tried nabbing the forward and fast forward kfs from the monsters directory and renaming it to replace the walkfastforward.kf in both specialanims and idles, but all it did was make my player do the vanilla run. Same result when I tried a rename/replace using the twohandskill3attackbackpower.kf, which I was really hoping might've tripped the game up, at the very least...


And on a somewhat related note...are there any setanimation mods that work as efficiently as setbody?

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Just in case you didn't already do this... for special anims and idles you need to use the Construction Set to create an esp that edits the animation for 'Player' in the npc list. When you edit 'Player' there is an animations tab where you have to put little x's in all the custom animations you want to use for the player.

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Well, the reason this came up was a mod replaced my running animation with pretty woman run, which I didn't mean to happen...so making lemons from lemonade I thought I'd just try changing the walkfastforward animation to one of the LoversCreatures tentacle monster movement animations.

As such, there's already a mod in place that's listed walkfastforward.kf as a modified animation, I just renamed it so it'd be using *my* modified animation instead. ...if it worked.


I was really fully prepared for a CTD or for body parts to be shooting off into infinity in every direction, but the fact that it just went to the default is quite anticlimactic.


I actually have a few animation replacers on right now, layered in such a way to get the effect I want. But the load order hasn't changed, so I don't know. Would that animation even be compatible in the way I'm trying to use it?

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Actually swapping is pretty easy. just load the a skeleton and the animation you want it to play and use the option like Import skeleton Only + Parent Selected And adjust the angle accordingly, sine the skelton are not compatible means you have to adjust either the pelvis or spine area but also pray that animation you are trying to swap does not have the option used like Bake contraints. If it has you will have to readjust frame by frame. Then it won't be so easy anymore.


I am sure they created this option to piss others off, to not screw with your animations.

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