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CTD when initiating 3some

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I really can't tell, it seems that if you can get everything else working propertly, it can be somehow a mod fault/incompatiblity, weird (almost) inexplicable bug like many others that comes to screw you in any modding experience so... Just try without that mod (the spell one) and try another one, like this one: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/403-sexlab-tdf-prostitution-and-pimping-the-former-aggressive-prostitution-v17/


Easiest way to get 3some there is being a female, pimping a female follower and offering her service to a male npc, sometimes they'll can trigger the 'I prefer to watch' option, after playing with your follower in front of him, you can then ask the guy to join both of you and the 3some starts. Also rape mods like sl submit or sl defeat can trigger 3somes, and many others.

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I will definitely try that but I should have probably also said that I am using SoS - would that have anything to do with it?  I know papyrus isnt the end all of errors but nothing is appearing in papyrus when it CTD's


Also the actors undress and at the point where they should relocate to their positions it CTD's.  I got it to work once last night and was able to advance through a couple of stages of the 3some but it eventually CTD'd again.


Its also not a fresh game - i installed it into a lvl 30+ character.

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