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Question: Gender/sex fluidity


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Excuse me about this post, I seem to be unable to put my thoughts in order very well right now.


I have had the shadow of an idea growing in my brain for a while now. I don't have the skills, and getting them will take a while, so at the very least this won't be a thing for a long while, but I would like to make a mod that adapts Corruption of Champions into Skyrim. CoC is basically my ideal fantasy sex game, it threw me off and got me excited over the strangest fetishes I never thought I would enjoy, largely things that cannot be enjoyed in real life. Much of what would be required for a visual adaption already exists in other mods, but Skyrim seems to have a very hard line between male and female, which isn't very compatible with what I enjoyed in CoC; the warping self identity and blurring of lines.


So I wanted to know from people more experienced than I: would it be possible/practical to make a single androgynous skeleton that can appear masculine or feminine based on node scaling alone? I imagine you would need to have internal calculations swap out your body textures at certain points, as well. My poor grasp on the technical aspects is showing so I will rephrase. Would it be possible to implement a fully sex-fluid body?

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