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Hixon in the Hollers -- Ellie Jo, Whisky and Burma

Ellie Jo isn't learned and proper; quite the opposite. She's just a good ol' girl from the hollers of [insert redneck state] who gets up every morning to milk the cow, collect eggs from the hen house, and makes sure everyone gets cleaned and fed. When the work is done, her, Whisky and Burma head off to the crick to do a lil' fishin.' She likes growing her own tobacco to smoke and dip, and the moonshine still gets kept in a nice safe place away from any pryin' neighbors or Yankees. The work may be hard, but life is always good in these parts. Come on down and raise a mason jar with Ellie Jo and let the good times roll.


Wicked Whims Anatomy selector: Top, Simple Breasts Puffy; Bottom, Enhanced Vanilla Bottoms


Thank you for taking a look. Enjoy!

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    Wicked Whims/Basemental Drugs (I use Patreon versions), and Wicked Perversions


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