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World of Rudra - NPC Overhaul

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World of Rudra - NPC Overhaul

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World of Rudra by Bee9999
English Grammar Fix by sa547
New Animals for the World of Rudra Full Version by gg77

If you have already installed the mod, make sure you have used the
Grammar Fix from sa547. I used this esp for my mod. There are several versions of
World of Rudra out there, such as: v.1.8.4. or v.1.75. As far as I know, it doesn't matter which
one of both you install. The only important thing is that in this case you use the esp from sa547.

You can move everything into a folder if you want, make sure my mod comes last and overwrites everything else.

Or load my mod after World of Rudra / English Grammar Fix / New Animals for World of Rudra.


- changes the face of ~60 NPCs
- changed some voices, outfits and packages
- fixed rainy weather in Lavender Villa
- added over 60 new soundtracks to the mod


Install these mods with your mod mananger.

World of Rudra + English Grammar Fix + New Animals for the World of Rudra
Install both parts of my Overhaul afterwards with your mod manager.


Some characters' beards float a little above their faces if you look very closely from the side. I only fixed this
for Akbar and Iben now. I'll patch this later, will be safe to update midgame.
This isn't game-breaking and does not lead to crashes.


To get the same result as in the pictures, install these mods.

Vitruvia Skin
Leyenda Skin with Alternative Face Option
Rudy ENB 3.5 (315)
Kwanon ENB

Link to all my other mods


World of Rudra - by Bee9999
New Animals for the World of Rudra - by gg77
(English Grammar) More Coherent Fix for The World of Rudra - by sa547

Apachii Sky Hair - by Apachii
KS Hairdo's - by Kalilies
Cherry Eyes - by CherryMods
Eyes of Beauty - by LogRaam
Brows - by Hvergelmer

A big thank you to all the composers of the beautiful soundtracks, which enrich the mod so much.


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24 minutes ago, Gräfin Zeppelin said:

Hey there, would you consider  a pack with all of your followers ? (for esp number reasons)


Hey, the first follower pack is coming in the next weeks. It's already done. I'm just waiting for Nexus support because of something that needs to be sorted out first.

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