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[REQ] Gender Restricted Animations

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I guess that would be a request for the Framework itself, easier to implement this idea in every single SL Plugin...


I don't (usually) want the girls using strap-ons, or acting in certain M-F animations as a 'male' role. I rather use futa plugins in those cases and I enjoy it, but I'd like to have more pure 'lesbic' love in SL.


Strap ons, outside BDSM context (as its implemented in Rape mod, of BDSM mods like Sanguine's Debauchery, etc.), as in purely lesbian action context are kinda outdated (my old lebian gramma used strapons) or at least, should be somehow optional. So in a F-F context, I'd like to toggle only the proper F-F animations (licking, rubbing cunts, etc.), or even one or two M-F animations that I may like if I want my char use strap-on in certain conditions...


So the same way we have toggle menus for aggresive, normal and foreplay animations, well... Lesbian animations toggle would be great (also gay, why not, although in gay contexts the usual M-F animations works just good, at least in anal, bowjobs, etc.)

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