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Relocating Beast Race Tails (help)


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Hi there, i am currently trying to relocate the position of khajiit and argonian tails so they start further up the body mesh. any idea how i can achieve this?

is this possible just through nifskope or must i use blender/another moddeling tool?


ideas please.


thank you!

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Mind you I am not wizard of blender or anything. As you stated in the Thorpac thread, the tail needs to join where the tail bone is located on the skeleton. That said, you would have to manually adjust the tailbone node/nodes on the skeleton to a better position, then most likely you would have to make slight extensions to the upper portion of the tail to meet the body in a natural way due to the re-position. Now if your asking for a step by step... I'm sorry I can be of no assistance. I always just wait for someone with a lot more knowledge in crafting maximum compatibility skeletons.

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i have managed to transform the Argonian tail in Nifskope to move its placement.

Khajiit tails seem to be considerably more complicated when transformed they appear 4feet above the khajiit and dissapear when viewed from 10feet or less away, i am working on fixing this so when i have solved it i will let everyone know :D

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