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Avast's issues with Papyrus Compiler


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Ever since the shitty-windows-8-tiles-like Avast 2014 came out I have a lot of problems with it including treating SKSE as virus, Visual Studio as virus and even my own C++ programs as viruses [ yeah, I clearly wrote a program to make my PSU blow up ].

Though today stupidity of this program crossed a final frontier to infinity and beyond:




I tried to tell Avast to exclude Papyrus Compiler from its wonderful scanning, but it still puts the executable to its quarantine chest.

I also already reported it as false positive, but I don't expect guys from Avast to react quickly.


Does anybody have an idea how to get rid of this problem, besides of turning the shields off? If not I'll just look for alternative, because it's just extremely annoying.

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You made sure to REMOVE it from the quarantine after telling avast to allow access?


Well, I did it few times at least and Avast was still moving the suspicious files to its quarantine chest.

Actually, it's a bit of mystery for me, because 2 days ago Avast didn't really care about the Papyrus Compiler.


I agree that I overreacted a bit and I'm not denying the possibility that it's me doing something wrong, but I have spent at least an hour trying to figure out what's wrong and still the only way to stop Avast from touching suspicious files was to turn it off.


Still, thanks for trying to find a solution.


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The one time I installed Avast on my computer, the interface was this god awful "Let us do it for you" style. Decided to uninstall, but lo and behold, it decided to take a bunch of my drivers hostage. I was unable to reinstall my devices such as my wireless card or my GPU's drivers. If I reinstalled Avast, everything was back to normal.


Had to do a system restore to get rid of Avast AND keep my drivers.


So never again shall I use Avast; and it ain't just me that had this problem.

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