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Char face revert on load


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First up, versions I'm now running:


ECE v1.2

ECEE v1.05

RaceMenu v2.1.5

CharGen Extension v2.1.3 + CharGenMorphs ECE v2.1.1

DisableFaceGenCache v1.1


Monli v4, release dated 140813


Previously, I was running all the above, however a v1.9 release of RaceMenu and accompanying CharGenExt (minus the Morphs extension).



This is not the first time I've run into an issue with my character's face reverting to a default fugly version upon reloading a game. I cannot remember how I fixed it the first time around though. Why I am running both RaceMenu and ECE? Well, back when tolerable compatibility was first established between the two, I leaped for joy. Both had features I used. With the gradual integration or duplication of ECE abilities in RaceMenu however, I am attempting to switch solely to RaceMenu + CharGenExt, which is why I am running with the ECE Morphs extension.


Where I am now: The face reversion problem first started happening again upon upgrading RaceMenu/CharGenCore to the latest version. I then attempted to adjusted my load order to use RaceMenu/CharGenCore/ECE Morphs extension (not ECE or ECEE), however the problem is still occurring. I've reverted my loadorder to include all of the above, however again, still not progress.


Anyone ever encountered similar issues, and have any advice?

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With ECE 1.05 i had a message from ECE if i want to switch to ECE face right after loading. Do you get this message too? Or is it just switching back? I never had a chance to try 1.2 though... and probably never will cause of RaceMenu&CharGenEx. BTW, are you sure you can use ECEE 1.05 with ECE 1.2?


Only thing i can suggest for now is stick to either ECE or RaceMenu&CharGenEx. Looks like Expired's ways are better then ECE team's tricks.

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I did get that message once or twice in the past (nothing this time), however nothing seemed to happen - or if something did, the face didn't save when I exited the char menu :(.


And yeh, looks like I'll have to go through and do a cleanup, and hope that if I just go with RaceMenu with CharGenExt ECE morphs I can get the face I want. That all depends on whether I can even change from using the RaceMenu/ECE combo in the middle of a game...



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Hrrrm. I shall find a way. =.=




... I may have actually fixed the problem. When updating them all, I forgot to re-replace the CME_Vanilla file that added a line re:Monli race.

If this has actually fixed the issue, I shall woot followed by *facepalm*.


Also: Discovered that as of CharGenCore v2, RaceMenu support may be possible with Monli. I've also found out why the reversion keeps happening. *facepalm*. Yes, it was an easily avoidable error. Or in other words: RTFM. XD


Update: Right, so far, its working. Without needing ECE. \o/ I'll mark this as solved.

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