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Lovers With PK Futa and Female World

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First let me apologize about the name, saved it like that on accident and it won't let me change it... in TES. Once I'm fully done I'll change the name of the CONCEPT mod to "Futa and Female World".


I'm looking now at maybe having it ready for trials by New Years or X-Mas. There are alot of characters to go through to edit. To keep things simple all Vanilla Males are changing to Futa.


A few issues I already know about and can't really change with my limited knowledge of moding are...


Wrong Skin texture for arms and chest for Mithril Cuirass, Leather Cuirass, Iron Cuirass, Ebony Cuirass, and Dwarven Cuirass. Tends to make these items give you Tanned White skin in those areas.


Nearly all of the altered Clothing Shirts has a neck texture that shows through NPC's and PC characters' neck. A slight clipping error.


Depending on the Race of a PC or NPC 99% of the items have clipping somewhere... though this maybe just a side effect of BU. Uncertain at this time cause until recently I've never had BU so not sure how it works.


Certain pieces of leg wear if you look close enough you'll notice that they aren't so much Futa as they are Shemale.


There are other issues that I can not address simple because of the way Lovers and Loversaddons work. EG a Futa might get raped by a female given a futa cock via Rapers. Only work around I can think of is going into every Race and editing them to be female bodies under male. (Problem here is you'd have Male heads on futa bodies, so I'm taking the more painful route to make sure they look like females).


I'm mainly making this CONCEPT as an idea for a possible Skyrim mod. Hopefully by then I'll have a better working knowledge of everything needed to make my own textures/meshes/scripts/blender/nifscope/etc... to get a full version in Skyrim possible. :D

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