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release and W.I.P mods

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hello..this will be my new thread for released and WIP mods.


currently i have 5 mods that are finished, but only 2 are release.


DMC4 Nero and Travis clothes from No More Heroes. They are also on TES Nexus.


here is the link to travis edit** removed old link

new: http://www.mediafire.com/?ey4hy4dft1b4j55






DMC4 Dante and Vergil clothes


*self explanatory*


i hope you enjoy.

thanks to satyr for allowing me to use vergil concept




















My WIPS that should be released before year is over is:


Margaret from NMH2

Dante clothes from DMC4 and DMC3

MGS4 Custom Solid snake(converted from Fallout NV)


other mods to be released are:

Raphael Sorel from Soul Calibur

Ashollete from SC4

Raiden Rising mod

Vergil DMC

Leon RE2 and RE4 clothes

Midgar inspired apartments


thank you for your time

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